Level 1 Umpire

Level 1 Umpires are accredited to officiate at club and centre events. Level 1 Umpires may also officiate at regional and national events alongside Level 2 Umpires.

There are three types of Level 1 Umpires:

  • Full Umpire (accredited in both the laws and measuring modules)
  • Measurer Umpire (accredited in the measuring module)
  • Laws Umpire (accredited in the laws module)

Anyone can become an umpire. You just need to be a member of a bowling club in New Zealand.

You will work with local tutors to complete two modules on the laws of the sport and measuring techniques. This may include a combination of in-person training and online sessions, depending on the preferences of the local umpires group.

The laws module covers:

  • The Laws of the Sport of Bowls and Domestic Regulations
  • Law scenarios and common problems

The measuring module covers:

  • The application and practical use of measuring equipment
  • Measuring scenarios

Alongside this formal training, the Bowls New Zealand Officiating Manual is available as a general reference guide for all officials in New Zealand.

Candidates will sit an exam once they feel confident and ready.

The laws exam comprises 25 questions on common scenarios and areas of dispute.

This will be in an oral, closed book format. The measuring exam comprises 15 common scenarios covering all measuring equipment.

Both exams have a 90% pass-rate.

Every four years umpires who wish to remain accredited will undertake a re-accreditation process with their local umpires group.

Have you got what it takes?
To find out more about becoming a Level 1 umpire, speak with your local umpires groups or enquire with us today!  See the links tab to the right for a number of resources and contacts to help you start.

Costs & more info

Level 1 Full Umpire
(Laws and Measuring Module)

Examination fee $20

Level 1 Umpire
(Laws only Module)

Examination fee $15

Level 1 Umpire
(Measuring only Module)

Examination fee $15

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