Umpires Quiz #1

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Are you ready to test your knowledge with the Umpires Quiz #1? Best of luck!

What is the minimum length required of a delivered bowl?

When does a game start?

A player is taken ill during a game. What happens?

The players have decided that the result of the end is two shots to Team B. They then realise that Team A has a bowl left to play. What happens?

When should a marker mark the scorecard?

A player picks the mat up before the end is completed. What happens?

A jack rebounds off the face of the bank up the green. What is the distance for it to still be in play?

A toucher in the ditch is hit by a non-toucher entering the ditch. What do you do?

A bowl is leaning after the last bowl has been delivered. One of the players asks for you to wait to see if it falls. How long do you wait?

A bowl is delivered with a chalk mark on it. What would you do as a marker?

Two players from the same club are drawn to play each other. They both have the same club stickers on their bowls. Player A is supplied with another set of stickers which are placed over the club stickers. Is this acceptable?

How long after a game can a complaint be lodged regarding a set of bowls?

The jack is delivered and finishes on the next rink. What happens?

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