The competition to be the new team on the block!

When we say block we actually mean the televised green,  the National Interclub post section competition is underway.

Up for grabs is the open spot in Bowls3Five televised league starting this October.

By clicking the links below you can see the teams that have made it through their centre competition and now face the challenge of a knockout format.


National Open Interclub Draw

National Open Interclub COP

Interclub Cup

Interclub Cup COP

Knockout dates are now confirmed:

Round of 32 by 13-14 June 

Round of 16 by 27-28 June

Round of 8 by 18-29 July


Finals – 1-2 August 2020

Bowls3Five Interclub

Bowls3Five National Interclub is the feeder tournament into the televised league.  The winning club in the National Interclub competition will be promoted into the televised league for the 2020 season.

The summer of 2019-2020 will see a second Bowls3Five Interclub competition run, called the Interclub Cup, which offers the fast format of Bowls3Five to bowlers who are new to the sport and hold 1-5 years experience.

The TOP 4 clubs for both the Interclub Cup and National Championship will contend their respective titles in the Grand Final weekend.

Get in touch with your club to enter your team today!

Bowls3Five Interclub 2020-2021

Bowls3Five National Interclub has some exciting changes coming for the 2020-2021 season!

Read the newly released conditions of play for next years iteration here.