1980 - 1996 World Stage Success

This is a link to a video of the final in which Kiwis, Rowan Brassey and Peter Belliss, won Gold in the final of the Men's pairs against England.

FLASH BACK - World Bowls Pairs Final Auckland 1988 New Zealand VS England (Part 1 of 15 ) - YouTube

At this event Kiwis also won gold in the Men's Triples with the team comprised of Ian Dickison, Morgan Moffat and Phil Skoglund.

At a domestic level, this era is often thought of as being the halcyon days of bowls in New Zealand.  Both the mens and womens game saw unprecedented and huge entries into their respective nationals, and crowds in the thousands were not uncommon. Other large domestic competitions such as the Taranaki Open Fours also flourished during this time.

Image: Peter Belliss playing in the 1980s

Players like Millie Khan and Peter Belliss were well-known names throughout the country, and there were a number of televised tournaments on free-to-air television. However time marches on and things change. Members became more time poor and as the 90's dawned, bowls in New Zealand faced an uncertain future.

Image: Millie Khan on the mat in the 1990s.