Bowls3Five – coming this summer of bowls


Bowls3Five is the fast format of the game.  Three levels of competition so that everyone interested can have a go.  Depending on the competition you play in,  you can face a set number of ends, a shot clock, a tie breaker, a start time, (unlike the long format of the game) a finish time and potentially a tv crew!  Bowls 3 Five aims to fit into busy lifestyles of those finding themselves short on time but still wish to compete in sport and stay active or those who are stepping up to accept the challenge the shorter format provides.

The three different levels are – a social format for twilight competitions, a nationwide interclub competition and the inaugural Bowls 3 Five television league.

Bowls3Five – Twilight/Social

This format provides a fast and structured competition that can have an overall winner in a short length of time.  Be it the twilight/social competition that a club can run weekly or the shape of the competition that corporate events take (everyone loves bragging rights).  Very easy for the casual or non-bowler to pick up not just in the playing side of the game but in the more detailed side of scoring and keeping track of winning.

Contact your nearest club to see when their Bowls3Five twilight competition starts.

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Bowls3Five – Interclub

Used to the long format of triples, how does your strategy play when you have reduced ends? How do you keep your focus? Will you be able to play your top game in the pressure conditions?    Play and find out!

Download conditions of play here

Bowls3Five – LIVE  Televised League

You wanted more bowls on TV, well you have it.  From Tuesday 23 October to Wednesday 28 November Bowls3Five Televised League will play LIVE on SKY Sport Tuesday and Wednesday each week, 7pm -10pm.  You will know the clubs and the players as they have come direct from our bowls community, you just have to decide on who you wish to win!