Umpires Quiz #3

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Are you ready to test your knowledge with the Umpires Quiz #3 further? Best of luck!

Skip A was talking to a spectator when her Third’s bowl, on it’s original course, hits her foot. The bowl does not disturb any other bowls. She (A) returns the bowl to be replayed. Skip B does not agree and calls for an Umpire. What would be the ruling?

Can the position of players, in a team, be changed after the first end in a game?

A player is using an artificial device. During the process of a delivery a bowl accidentally slips from the device. What should happen?

Player A plays a bowl which comes to rest upright beside but not touching the Jack. Before Player B steps onto the mat, A’s bowl falls and touches the Jack. Skip B claims it is not a toucher as his team now has possession of the rink. An Umpire is called and rules which one of the following?

If ground sheets are being used where must the mat front line be positioned?

An end has been declared dead. Team A, who won the previous end decide to play from where the end was declared dead. Team B object. What should happen?

A game has commenced and two opposing Leads have played two bowls each in a game of fours. A’s second is about to bowl but challenges the position of where the Jack has been centred and asks for it to be moved to the centre line. Skips call for a ruling. What should it be?

To gain a better grip during adverse weather conditions what may a player do?

During the process of measuring who may secure a leaning bowls position?

What position may a substitute play in?

Skip B plays a drive to remove the shot bowl. The bowl misses the target but connects with team A’s third’s foot and then hits another bowl at rest in the head. What could happen?

Who in a Fours game must hold the card throughout the game?

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