Umpires Quiz #2

Michael Johnson

Are you ready to test your knowledge with the Umpires Quiz #2? Best of luck!

While measuring a player moved a bowl with the pointer on the measure. What happens?

The jack was centred on the wrong line and not noticed until the second is about to bowl. What should happen?

What action should be taken if a jack in the ditch is moved by a toucher?

A player drives at the jack which rebounds of the face of the bank and then splits in two. What is the action that needs to be taken?

A player uses a set of blue bowls for the trial ends of a match. They then play with orange bowls for the first end of the game. Is this permitted?

What is the situation if Player A accidentally delivers Player B's bowl?

When are Conditions of Play decided?

As the marker you do not think the jack is legal. What should you do?

Who delivers the jack after an end has become dead?

The jack, travelling up the green after delivery, hits the marker on the foot. What happens?

What is the legal date stamp on bowls being used as part of a domestic competition in New Zealand?

What happens if the jack is moved by the equipment of the measurer?

Team A delivers the jack and plays their first bowl. Team B realises that they won the previous end and should have started. What happens?