My wife and I have enjoyed a lifelong involvement in sport at all levels. My sports governance experience has been at the local club level and more recently a nine year involvement with Sport Otago, the last seven as Chair.

I believe that sport provides the balance that sustains us in our increasingly busy lives. I had the privilege of addressing my bowling club at our centennial celebrations and the silence that meet my address on how clubs needed to adapt to survive convinced me that I should get more involved in the sport that I have enjoyed casually for 25 years.

I look forward to working with the Board on ways of ensuring that the future is as strong as the past has been for the sport of bowls. I have a wealth of practical business experience and a strong background in governance to help me in the pursuit of achieving the goals of Bowls New Zealand.

Tony was elected as Chair of the Board of Bowls NZ in 2017. 

Appointed to the Board: 2015

Appointed Chairman: 2017