Robin Jefferson became a Bowler in September 1979, taking up the game in Suva,Fiji.        

Playing in Suva for 2 years the game just grabbed him and he became a good bowler and with the challenges that the game offers he thoroughly enjoys it.

On returning to New Zealand, he went to Wellington and found the conditions were very different tfrom those experienced in Fiji.  The green speed was much faster and the Wellington wind a real challenge which made consistency a real issue. However, Robin has had his share of success,both playing and coaching.

On the administrative front, Robin was engaged in operations the playing of the game and in the last ten years has moved to the Board of Bowls Gisborne East Coast, becoming the Chairman and President of the Centre.

Robin has also  been a Regional delegate to Bowls New Zealand AGMs  and is looking forward to he challenges ahead and making a significant contribution to the way forward for Bowls

Vice President
Appointed to the Board: 2017