Appointed to the Board: 2017

At a very young age I became passionate about sports management and understanding the sports I was involved in. Whether it be as an umpire, referee, committee or Board member I felt that this contribution was a way of giving back to the enjoyment I had in playing the game.

I am now a business owner and working Board member for several organisations where both governance and business development have a high priority. My style is to lead and be involved allowing team members to grow and make significant contributions.

Over the last sixteen years in owning a business that has grown sustainably and had an impact on service levels for those with disabilities, contributing to the development of the next challenge for me, within the community, is very important to allow contribution in any shape or form to continue.

Being a Director is a way to give back more into the community and business; to actively participate to assist in the future growth and development of Sport or Business.