Victoria 2-4-2 Pairs to Guy & Rodda

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A scene from the event

Congratulations to Laurie Guy & Neville Rodda, Victoria lads who came up trumps in the 24th Victoria Invitation Pairs.

A top field attended as always with players attending from around the country attending.

Neville Rodda hasn't played a bowl in three years and is perhaps best known to Kiwis as the lead for Gary Lawson when they won the national pairs together in 2017.

After that famous victory, Neville has taken a step back from the game but any rust was clearly quickly removed as he helped Laurie guy through to another great title.

Intriguingly, there’s only ever been one other time in the history of the competition where a fully Victoria pair, and that was more than 20 years ago in 1998 when Lou Newman and Wayne Coleman won the title.

Click here for full results:

1st: Laurie Guy & Neville Rodda

2nd:  Mike Carroll (Stokes Valley) and Lance Pascoe (Canterbury)