Prebble Seeds renews partnership

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Greenkeepers throughout the country’s bowling clubs will be very familiar with the brand – Prebble’s Turf World, as well as its parent brand – Prebble Seeds.

Prebble products and services have brought the best out of bowling greens up and down the country for over 25 years, with their range of seeds, fertilisers, soil supplements, equipment and more.

That contribution is set to continue, with the renewal of a preferred supplier agreement with Bowls New Zealand. It’s an agreement that sees a win-win-win: a win for bowling clubs, a win for the Bowls New Zealand Greenkeepers’ Association and a win for Prebble Seeds.

The deal means that clubs not only get the best pricing, but the Greenkeepers’ Association also receives a commission on each and every sale. That commission will potentially assist in funding a number of activities.

“Firstly,” says Maurice Symes, President of the Bowls New Zealand Greenkeepers’ Association, “It will help fund both the North Island and South Island annual Greenkeepers conferences. These conferences are valuable learning experiences for the many voluntary club greenkeepers throughout the country.”

“Secondly, it also enables us to keep up to date with the latest in turf culture – by funding experts and specialists at the New Zealand Sports Turf Institute to run field days throughout the country.”

Symes acknowledges that there will be clubs that use competitive products, who are happy with those products. “We are not asking clubs to change from their tried and true greenkeeping practices. But if the opportunity or need arises to use a different product, then it would be great if the club gave Prebbles a go.”

Chief Executive of Bowls New Zealand, Mark Cameron, sees these types of agreements as the way of the future.

“Our agreement with Prebble Seeds doesn’t require bowling clubs to use Prebble’s products. But it does mean that if clubs choose to use Prebble Seeds (and many clubs are already doing so), they can expect to enjoy best prices and service on Prebble’s excellent product ranges, and at the same time help the Greenkeepers’ Association.”

“We are continually looking at ways we can fund national activities like the Greenkeepers’ Association without increasing costs to individual bowling clubs. Negotiating national preferred supplier agreements is one way we can do this.”

“What’s more, there’s an opportunity for clubs to enjoy the benefits of national preferred supplier agreements for many items they require. Things like insurance, uniforms, catering equipment all come to mind.”

“That doesn’t mean clubs dropping their existing arrangements. In fact, we would rather they didn’t. Many clubs support their local businesses, who in turn support the club. We don’t want that to end.”

“But where there’s no existing obligations, these preferred supply agreements can benefit everyone involved.”

The agreement with Prebble Seeds has been renewed until 31st March 2020.

-Rob Davis