New Blue Green in Dunedin

- Evan Roberts
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As Dunedin’s Lawn Bowls Stadium heads into the busy 2018 Winter Bowls programme, there’s a treat in store for those that participate in the many competitive round robin leagues and other events that the facility hosts over not only the winter months, but all year round.

The existing ‘Green’ has been replaced with a new ‘Blue’!

In laying the new Blue carpet surface, the Stadium follows in the footsteps of the hosts of the many major competitive indoor events. All current televised UK tournaments, including the recent Professional Bowls Association (PBA) finals event, are staged on a blue carpet rink. The blue surface is also seen in many of the Australian clubs that sport an indoor or covered green.

At 36.6 metres x 36.6 metres, the new carpet has taken around a week to lay. Post laying, and determined largely by the amount of use the new surface is subjected to, the installers will implement a schedule of planned maintenance to ensure the carpet remains in top condition through it’s ‘settling in’ period.

“This couldn’t have been achieved  without the support of sponsors - The Otago Community Trust, The Lion Foundation, The Trusts Community Foundation and Alexander McMillan Trust," says Dunedin Bowls Stadium Vice President, John Latimer.  "We're really excited about the new season beginning next week, and the new carpet looks magnificent. It’s been a long process, but well worthwhile.  It will benefit everyone for many years to come.”

The Dunedin Bowls Stadium green is laid on a concrete base - providing a very ‘true’ surface in comparison to greens laid on some other base materials. That quality and trueness of surface will certainly come to the fore when the popular Professional Bowls Association events are scheduled at the Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium this year and beyond. These events attract participants from all over the country, along with a strong local participation level from the Dunedin bowling community. 

The entire Stadium management network - committee, volunteers, supporters and sponsors - is to be congratulated.  It ensures that the Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium will remain in the top ranks of the indoor facilities available for our sport in New Zealand.

Make sure you come and visit!

Some interesting facts and figures

The original carpet ‘green’ has been in place since this purpose-built facility was opened in 1995, with the most significant work in that time being in 2008, when the underlay was replaced and the carpet turned over.

The expected lifespan of the original carpet was fifteen years.  However that lifespan has been exceeded by eight years, mainly due to a programme of consistent and careful green management.  That management is a credit to the host of Stadium volunteers that have been involved in assisting at the Stadium, some still involved since lending a helping hand from the very early years of when the facility opened its doors 23 years ago!

The Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium boasts a busy history, with no signs of letting up! With up to 1000 members, the Stadium is used seven days a week from early April through late September, providing morning, afternoon and evening competitive leagues for many of those days. Between those leagues, the facility is available for casual ‘roll ups’, practice, or coaching sessions. Club Championships in all disciplines including mixed events are in the programme for members to participate in.

There is a loyal pool of around thirty volunteers that offer their support for the many varied events that are held over the year.

Stadium volunteers provide assistance, coaching and enthusiastic encouragement for school groups of special needs students (up to 55 per session) over a five week period in the school term, as well as sessions for able bodied students furthering their knowledge of our game, as a selected option in their PE programmes.

The Dunedin Lawn Bowls Stadium plays host to some of the Masters Games events every two years, attracting around 100 participants in the Sports Accuracy Challenge.

Over 2000 ‘non-bowlers’ use the Stadium per year! Conferences, Stadium organised Fun Sports Nights, a variety of Club meetings and dinners, Birthdays, Reunions, you name it! Dunedin’s busy Cruise Ship schedule sees more and more ‘cruisers’ choosing to spend their on shore hours having a roll up at the Stadium.

Those 2000 + non bowlers, combined with the bowling fraternity pursuing their sport, sees the Stadium ‘visit’ figure number over 20,000 per annum!