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Margaret Malcolm has been inducted into the Bowls New Zealand Hall of Fame.

She joined 40 or so other Kiwi lawn bowls legends … the likes of Brassey, Skoglund and Belliss, … and Wilkie, Castle and Khan ... in receiving the ultimate accolade that the New Zealand bowls community can bestow.

“When I rang her up to tell her about the news,” says Bowls New Zealand Vice President, Jan Tucker, “Her husband, Bruce, answered the phone.  There was stunned silence at the other end.  And when he told Margaret, she wept.  They were both so overwhelmed.”

Jan’s known Margaret for over 30 years.  “She’s an institution at the Port Chalmers Bowling Club, where’s she’s played for nearly 40 years,” says Jan.  “In fact she’s an institution in Port Chalmers itself.  She was born here.  She’s been involved in rugby here, basketball here, cricket here, and of course bowls here.”

“Her husband Bruce is also an institution in Port Chalmers.  Yet somehow they’ve both managed to find the time to bring up five children ‘in Port’.”

Margaret’s done just about anything and everything at the Port Chalmers Bowling Club.  Not to mention anything and everything for the Otago Women’s Bowling Association (and Bowls Dunedin after amalgamation).  Margaret has also done a heck of a lot at national level (see below).

“It would be hard to find anyone who’s given more service to the game of lawn bowls,” adds Jan. “and been still able to play a very sharp game of bowls at the same time.”

Margaret has 40 club titles to her name.  She’s nabbed 11 Centre titles.  And although a National title has eluded her, she played in the Four that were runners-up in 2004.

It was both these contributions to the game ... her contribution as an outstanding administrator coupled with her contribution as a bowls athlete, that made her a candidate for the Hall of Fame.

The Bowls New Zealand Hall of Fame doesn’t only induct the best of the best of our lawn bowls athletes, but the best of the best of those who have contributed to the game generally.  “I don’t know Margaret personally,” observed Bowls New Zealand Chief Executive, Mark Cameron, “But I’ve heard much about Margaret’s contribution to the game.  Her induction is well-deserved.”

Mark Cameron joined Bowls New Zealand President Mark O’Connor, Vice-President Jan Tucker, Dunedin City Council Mayor Aaron Hawkins, Ward Councillor Steve Waller and more than 50 players past and present at the Port Chalmers Bowling Club last week in a ceremony inducting Margaret into the Hall.

Margaret’s no stranger to being feted for her achievements – in 2004 she received the Order of New Zealand Medal for her services to bowls and back in 1990 the Otago Rugby Football Union made her “Woman of the Year’.

“For me, Margaret’s most remarkable achievement was the work she did before, during and after amalgamation in 1996,” says Jan.  “It seems difficult to imagine looking back now, but they were turbulent years … there was a lot of very strong opinion from both men and women, both supporting and opposing amalgamation.  Margaret did a lot of work settling both men and women down, and getting them to work together.”

“Along with other women in the Centre like Margaret Grubb and Donella O’Dea, she helped break down what was a pretty fuddy-duddy game at the time with all its rules and regulations.”

These days, Margaret’s health isn’t the best.  She’s had to give up the game she’s enjoyed playing and administering for years.  “But it still doesn’t stop her dropping into the Port Bowling Club occasionally and watching the bowls,” says Club Secretary Alan Wise.  “I’ve been at the club for 12 years, but Margaret seems to have been around forever.”

“It was a privilege to be at her induction,” says President Mark O’Connor.  “and to have had the ceremony at the Port Chalmers Bowling Club.”

“Port Chalmers may be renowned for the first refrigerated export of meat on the ship ‘Dunedin’,  and the base for Robert Falcon Scott’s and Ernest Shackleton’s explorations of Antarctica, but it can now add Margaret to its fame.”

Well done Margaret.



Port Chalmers Bowling Club

1982                     Joined Port Chalmers Bowling Club

1983-2001             Committee Member, Women’s Section

1983-2001             Club Delegate, Otago Women’s Bowling Section

1985-1988             President, Women’s Section

1990-1992             Member, Club Centennial Committee

1990-2011             Selector

1995-1997             President, Women’s Section

1995-2006             Convenor, Ties Committee

1995-2016             Coach

2001-2008             Tournament Secretary

2001-2016             Committee Member, amalgamated club

2001-2012             Club Delegate, Bowls Dunedin

2008-2011             President, amalgamated club

2012-today           Life Member

2013-2016             Vice President

Otago Centre


1985-2001             Member Executive, Otago Women’s Bowling Association

1991-1992             President, Otago Women’s Bowling Association

1993-2020             Clubs ‘500’ Afternoons

1996-2002             Intercentre Teams Manager, Bowls Dunedin

2001                     Manager & Selector, Area 8 Super Eight Team

2004                     Life Member, Bowls Dunedin

2015-2020             Patron, Bowls Dunedin

For 5 years            Women’s Manager , Champion of Champion Singles Player Event

For x years            Selector, Otago Women’s Bowling Association

For x years            Women’s Selector, Bowls Dunedin

For x years            Centre Representative, Otago Women’s Bowling Association

For x years            Centre Representative, Bowls Dunedin



1986                     Umpire (Badge No. 2376), New Zealand Women’s Bowling Association

1992-1996             Councillor, New Zealand Women’s Bowling Association

1993-1995             Committee Member, Asia Pacific Games Dunedin

1994-1996             Committee Member, New Zealand Women’s Bowling Association

1995-2001             Councillor, Bowls New Zealand

1997                     Chart Room Controller, Nationals Tournament Dunedin

2001-2002             Vice President, Bowls New Zealand

2001-2002             Member, Bowls New Zealand Umpires Board

2002-2003             President, Bowls New Zealand

2002                     Chart Room Controller, Nationals Tournament Dunedin

2007                     Chart Room Controller, Nationals Tournament Dunedin

2008                     Chart Room Assistant, Nationals Tournament Christchurch

Lawn bowls achievements

1982-today           Winner 40 x Club titles

1982-today           Winner 11 x Centre titles

2003                     Officer, New Zealand Order of Merit for services to bowls

2004                     Runner-Up National Fours

Other sports achievements


1951-1965             Representative, Port Chalmers Basketball Club

1955-1961             Representative, Otago Indoor Basketball

1978-1991             Women’s Committee Member, Port Chalmers Rugby Football Club

1980-1991             Chair Women’s Committee, Port Chalmers Rugby Football Club

1988-1991             Member Management Committee, Port Chalmers Rugby Football Club

                            Premier Grade Representative, Otago Women’s Cricket

1990                     Woman of the Year, Otago Rugby Football Union