Insuring The Future


As the saying goes, the more the merrier, strength in numbers . . . and so on and so forth.

That’s the ethos Bowls New Zealand Community Development Officer Keith Slight is keen to push forward, calling for more bowling clubs to fall under one insurer in a move that could save the bowling sector thousands of dollars collectively in years to come.

In a nationwide deal, Apex Insurance have rolled out a cost-saving policy that Slight says will not only provide noticeable savings but will also provide more comprehensive cover all round.

“The message I’m getting from clubs is that the majority seem to be quite enthusiastic about it. At the end of the day, this is a cost and an issue that everyone of us are affected by, and if we can reduce the premium slightly, everybody wins.”

“Some clubs have recently moved insurers or are in existing contracts that they can’t get out of, but I’m realistic to that. What we’re saying is, there is an opportunity to take advantage going forward and I would hope that more and more clubs will choose that as their option.” Slight said.

Benefits of the “one insurer fits all” project will include improved comprehensive policies, additional savings that filter back to the club, increased liability cover at no extra charge, reduced rates on national disaster and fire events and full cover on personal effects, such as lawn bowls within the premises.

The policy will also cover existing greens and new and existing artificial surfaces, an important point given an increasing number of artificial greens are being earmarked for future projects nationwide.

“Replacing these surfaces come at a huge cost to clubs and this is something that can provide peace of mind in the event of the unknown.”

“Ultimately, there is not one sport in this country that has more clubs linked to the one single community like there is with bowls, so we want to push that fact and get a better and more cost-effective insurance deal for all involved – it’s all about strength in numbers.”

For more information, clubs can contact Keith Slight at;, or phone, 021 966 177.