Bowls New Zealand Hardship Fund and Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund

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Hi All (Bowling Clubs and Centres)

Sport NZ Resilience Fund

As previously advised, Sport NZ has created a hardship fund for clubs and centres impacted by Covid-19.

This fund provides up to $1000 per club and $40,000 per RSO(centre), and is available through your local RST.

To date 49 bowling clubs and 4 centres have applied to and been successful with this fund.

Until recently the fund was tagged for those clubs experiencing significant cashflow difficulties due to lost revenues from Covid-19.

On Friday (5th June) Sport NZ somewhat relaxed the rules around the fund through the following statement:

“We encourage every club in New Zealand that has seen a drop in revenue, or has had financial implications from cancelling events between April to June to apply for the fund before it closes in two weeks.”

Can I now personally encourage all bowling clubs and centres to apply to this fund, by contacting their local RST (see the list below) and making application.

I understand the application process has been made simpler and that a club or centres cash reserves does not disadvantage an application.

List of Regional Sports Trusts:

Aktive – Auckland Sport and Recreation

Sport Bay of Plenty

Sport Canterbury – Canterbury/West Coast

Sport Gisborne

Sport Hawke’s Bay

Sport Manawatu

Sport Northland

Sport Otago

Sport Southland

Sport Taranaki

Sport Tasman

Sport Waikato

Sport Whanganui

Sport Wellington

The Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund closes Friday 19th June 2020.

Bowls New Zealand Hardship Fund

On behalf of the Bowls New Zealand Board, I am pleased to advise that Bowls NZ have created a 2020/2021 fund of $130,000 to assist bowling clubs that find themselves in a position of hardship, that is directly attributable to Covid-19.

In anticipation of any potential interest in this Bowls NZ Hardship Fund, here is a brief outline of the initial step around requesting financial support.

If your bowling club is interested, we would need information relating to the First Phase only (see below). This should be directed to Chris Lander, Steve Beel, Martin Mackenzie or myself in the first instance.

Purpose of the Hardship Fund

  • To provide additional support to bowling clubs to bridge a short-term cash flow gap to alleviate acute financial hardship, as a result of Covid-19 restrictions, through until 31 December 2020.

This fund can best be viewed as cash-bridging support for a short-term cashflow gap while other changes are made to the bowling club.

What will be provided from this Fund

  • Bespoke support, to meet specific needs of the bowling club.  I.e. it is not restricted to covering certain types of cost, but a more holistic view of the situation, need, and options for help. We want to ensure that during the period up to 31 December 2020 that those bowling clubs that need the financial support are the ones that receive it.

In addition we will work with those same clubs on other opportunities to offset financial hardship – an acknowledgment that the Bowls NZ fund of $130,000 cannot meet the needs of all clubs.

First phase:

What you need to do as part of the first phase in the process:

  1. Explain the acute financial hardship that is currently being experienced by your bowling club as a result of Covid-19 restrictions.
  2. Advise what assistance is being sought from Bowls NZ including $ amount requested?
  3. Monthly cashflow forecast for at least 12 months. The cashflow forecast should be referenced when explaining your acute financial hardship situation.

Second Phase:

Once we receive the initial phase of information we will set up a time for further discussion. Our aim during this conversation will be to understand more detailed information, including:

  • How the organisation’s viability has been materially negatively impacted by COVID-19
  • Steps that have already been taken to address the impact
  • Recovery plan - what else is the organisation planning to do to address the situation
  • Financial situation and short-term cashflow problem (if additional cash funding is sought)
  • Reserves policy
  • Confirmation that the club board supports the request.

If you need any assistance with the above, then please do not hesitate to contact:

or myself.

Ngā mihi / Kind regards