Bowls New Zealand National Competitions

Bowls New Zealand is the governing body for the sport of lawn bowls in New Zealand.

One of its duties is to run a number of national competitions throughout the season.

Over the years, these competitions have been many and varied, with the one constant being the National Championships.

Find on this page a comprehensive archive of national events administered by Bowls New Zealand, current or otherwise.

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The Summerset National Championships are New Zealands premier domestic competition.

They stand almost alone in New Zealand sport in that they are open to any member of Bowls New Zealand, regardless of ability.

In this way, it is not unusual to find a first year bowler pitted against world champions, and occasionally causing upsets!

Hundreds of players have participated in these championships for well over 100 years, and to win a national title is the goal of every aspiring bowler.

Find below a complete archive of national title winners dating back to the first national championship in 1887.


Bowls3Five is a fast format for bowls that is played at all levels of the game within New Zealand; from social bowls to the annual televised Bowls3Five Event.

There is also a Bowls3Five National Inter-Club, of whom the winner goes onwards to the televised event.

National Division One Inter-Club

The National Division One Inter-Club is a popular event that has been contested on and off since 1997.

There are seven players per side, winning teams are found from every Centre and they then go onto contest the national final.

National Inter-Centre

The national inter-centre competition was created in 1970 after a sponsorship offer from Rothmans.

It has since become a staple event on the calendar and it is considered to be the Ranfurly Shield of Bowls.

National Champion of Champions

The National Champion of Champions competition was created in the 2018-2019 season to replace the previous National Club Championship format.

Winners of provincial based Champion of Champion events progress to the national finals – representing their centre and given the opportunity to claim national honours.

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