Find below model constitutions for Clubs and Centres.


This Guide and template constitution has been prepared for Bowling Clubs that are members of Bowls New Zealand to use as a base document to prepare their own constitutions.  It has been updated from the previous club constitution template to take into account changes made to the Bowls New Zealand membership structure.  The explanatory notes in this guide explain the rules and note whether they are required by law or under the Bowls New Zealand Constitution.

If your Club is part of a larger club or organisation which undertakes other activities (such as an RSA or a multipurpose sports club) this guide and template constitution will need amendments that recognise that status. It is recommended that such clubs obtain specific legal advice when preparing their constitutions.

Bowls New Zealand recommends that this template is used, particularly where a Club has not updated its constitution for some time, or if a Club is looking to change its constitution.

Each bowling club needs to tailor the constitution to suit their membership. Bowls New Zealand does not recommend that clubs select isolated clauses from the template and insert them into their existing constitutions, because the template constitution rules are designed to work together.

If you have any queries about the above constitutions, please contact