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    As one of the "youngest" clubs in Dunedin, our members take pride in the fact that just after World War II, about 1947, a group of residents in the "Bay" met in a private home and decided to form a bowls club. The first thing they resolved to do was approach Mr. Edwards, who had a market garden, who agreed to a bowling green being formed alongside his house. The contour of the land was quite a slope, but with excavation, it was enough to form a green 112ft by 112ft.
    The earth-moving machinery of the day was not as sophisticated as in the 21st century. The bulldozer was a converted crawler tractor, which only managed to graze some of the hard whack clay, so a resident with explosives knowledge was tasked to "blow" the said rotten rock. The writer, as a youth of 7 or 8 remembers riding in the trucks which took the spoil to a local resident's section.
    Women throughout the suburb raised money by running cake stalls in front of the local shops. In 1953 the Club affiliated with Bowls New Zealand. On opening day a recording was made by Radio 4ZB.  The record is on display in our clubrooms to this day.

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