Four Auckland girls discover a great country below the Bombays

March 3, 2021

When New Lynn Bowling Club members Paris Baker, Denise West and Olivia Bloomfield decided that the Summerset National Fours in Central Otago would be a great girls’ trip away, they had to ‘phone a friend’ to complete the four.

St Heliers Bowling Club’s Catherine Bien was the only one that would take their call.  She also drew the short straw, and ended up skipping the team.

It’s a long way to go below the Bombays.

“But it only cost us 800 bucks each to get down,” says Denise.  “That’s for the airfare, accommodation and rental car.  We’re having a ball.”

After playing in the Fours, all but Denise will go on to play in the Mixed Pairs.

“In the pairs, we’ve all been teamed up with blokes we’ve never met,” says Olivia. “I’ve got Peter Cotton from Christchurch.  He doesn’t know what he’s getting in for!”

Catherine’s paired with Trevor Ludlow, the greenkeeper from Alexandra.  “That should give them a nice edge,” Olivia laughs.

Paris is partnering Na Katae from Christchurch.

Of course, Peter, Trevor and Na will be wondering what some unknown JAFAs will bring to the green as well.  One thing’s for certain, they’ll bring a lot of fun!

But they’ll need to be on their game.  The girls wont suffer bowling fools … they expect a lot of themselves.  And their performance in the Fours was not far off that expectation..

They won four out of four in section play.  It doesn’t get better than that.

“We didn’t have to play the last two games,” says Paris.  “I guess the other teams had either already qualified or had already missed out.”

Their first game of post-section play was a tough one.

“We were 17-all playing the last end,” says Denise. “and they got the shot to win 18-17.”

Unlike the other three, defeat in the Fours meant Denise headed back to work as general manager of an asbestos removal company.  “Someone has to do the mahi.”  she remarks.

Catherine’s job as an Admin, Paris’s job as a Paint Stripper, and Olivia’s job as a Debt Collector  will have to wait until after the Mixed Pairs.

“We’re in no hurry to get back,” says Olivia.  “We’re having a ball down here.  It’s beautiful.  We love the traffic too!”

“Although we’re not sure about the weather … it’s either bloody hot or bloody cold.”

“We only came down with summer gear.  It got a bit cold the other day, and one nice bloke offered me his pants.  I told him there was no way I was getting into his pants!”

“Besides, they wouldn’t match our Under Armour.”