Performance Analysis and its role in Lawn Bowls

Exclusive News

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The Bowls New Zealand High Performance team has initiated the use of the Video analysis tool Hudl and the I-Coda coding program

From the same ‘family’ as Hudl Technique, Hudl is an internet based application, used by sports organisations from around the world for holding match video captured from events, the program will be used by the Bowls New Zealand HP team.

Coaches and athletes can upload video footage directly from their smartphone or tablet, to the Bowls New Zealand HP Hudl page. Then, from within the application, coaches and athletes can view footage of a match or event they have been involved in. All High Performance and Talent Development squad members have access to the Bowls NZ Hudl group. Footage from the recent Asia Pacific championships is the first event that has been uploaded to the BNZ Hudl group and each athlete from that event can now view their individual match footage, and any associated coding or noted commentary.

Match video capture; the Bowls New Zealand performance analysis team can use a set of parameters (coding) that can be applied to every bowl played. An appropriate ‘tag’ is loaded onto the video, capturing that coding (athlete name, shot type, FH or BH, effective or non-effective, toucher, etc) for each bowl, for each athlete. From that set of applied coded tags, assigned coaches and athletes that have had the video ‘shared’ with them, can view very quickly a set of shots or shot types for a specific athlete or athletes, that were played during the match.

As an example, Coach ‘A’ and Player ‘C’ may want to view all the FH Effective Run shots played by Player ‘C’. Then, to compare, they may want to include as well, all the Non-effective FH Run shots. Using the Hudl programme, the video can be slowed down and drawing tools used on screen, to pinpoint any possible factors that may have relevance in regard to the swing from effective to ineffective between shots.

While not being able to change an already completed shot, from an already resulted match, possible work on’s can be identified to help convert a few non-effectives to effectives in the future – those 1% factors can be what changes a loss to a win!

While currently in the development phase, we see the use of Hudl as an exciting opportunity in our quest

for performance.