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Ray Webster and Cooper Stumbles face off

Hastings became the fifth of the New Zealand Professional Bowls Association’s seven venues to complete their winter programme playing at the weekend under Level 2 COVID-19 mitigations such as reducing to six 5m wide rinks. Hawkes Bay’s Tony Terry became the latest multiple qualifier winner making the NZ Play-offs for the International Singles to add to his World Indoor Singles qualifier win last month. Terry survived a tiebreak semifinal win over his regular pairs partner Mike Isaacson and went on to win a tight final against Bay of Plenty’s David Jones 9-9, 8-7. Jones was holding a close shot for the win on the last end only for Terry to slide off a short bowl and move the kitty enough for shot.

Dunedin should finish their calendar on Sunday with a local finals day that drew big crowds last year but will be restricted to under 100 patrons to satisfy Level 2 requirements. The programme kicks off at 9am with a World Indoor Singles qualifier semifinal between former NZ small indoor bowls international Ray Webster and top ranked South Island woman Beth Brown. The winner will play Southland’s Sheldon Bagrie-Howley who has not reached NZ Finals Weekend since 2016. Webster survived a close second round encounter with 13 year-old Cooper Stumbles earlier in the event.

Two ranking singles events sponsored by Bedpost to the tune of $300 each will conclude during the day before the World Indoor Pairs qualifier final commences at 2pm with Webster returning to the rink partnering Russell Dawe against Canterbury duo Rob Fensom and Jeff Nowell. Dawe played in the NZ Finals Weekend in 2017. Fensom and Nowell from the Methven club beat favourites Andrew Kelly and Andy McLean in the semifinal and Nowell is having an impressive rookie year reaching two singles semifinals as well and is leading the NZ Rookie of the Year rankings.

In hope of authorities finding and containing the current Auckland COVID-19 outbreak in time for the city to be released from lockdown next week, NZ PBA has re-booked Auckland’s remaining tournament dates to play the International Singles qualifier on the covered green at the Orewa Bowling Club in North Harbour on Saturday 29th August, and the Ranking singles event at Remuera on Sunday 6th September. With the change of dates and likely need to play under Level 2, and one brand new venue to PBA, tournament entries are being re-taken by coordinator Bart Robertson and new draws will be made. Entries will close a week before each event.

Finals Weekend is still at this stage scheduled to play at Remuera on September 11-13th depending on the curtailing of the outbreak. The program can be found at https://www.professionalbowlsassociation.com/branch-news/new-zealand-news/.  And the NZ PBA continues to watch for further updates on the remaining World Bowls Tour events, and will adjust travel prizes depending on whether those events proceed or New Zealanders are allowed to travel to the UK.

NZ Professional Bowls Association Results, Draws & Race Position:

Orewa Bowling Club, Auckland:
International Singles on Sat 29th Aug at Orewa.
Please re-confirm entries with Bart by 21st August.
Winner will play at NZ PBA Finals Weekend in Auckland Sep 11-13.

Remuera Bowling Club, Auckland:
Ranking Singles on Sat 6th Sep at Remuera.
Please re-confirm entries with Bart by 28th August.

Hastings Club:
International Singles Qualifier:
1st round: David Jones bt Bunny Kupa by default; Grant Sargison bt Kerrin Fair 8-8, 8-7; Dean Drummond bt Paul Viggers 9-4, 11-7; Ian Mason bt Sheryl Viggers 8-2, 11-3; Alex Jones bt Scotty McGavin 8-5, 9-6; Dave Porteous bt Lisa Carlson 12-2, 9-1; Steve Love bt Merv Brown 6-6, 12-6.
2nd round: D.Jones bt Sargison 9-4, 9-5; Mason bt Drummond 13-1, 7-10, 2-0; Porteous bt A.Jones 9-5, 9-7; Love bt Gavin Keighley 12-2, 6-5; Tilly Carlson bt Zemanel Rio da Silva 8-7, 9-7; Mike Isaacson bt Les O’Donovan 8-7, 13-4; Tony Terry bt Richard Kupa 9-5, 8-6; Peter Jones bt Shirley Poutu 6-4, 8-6.
Quarterfinals: D.Jones bt Mason 11-7, 5-8, 2-0; Love bt Porteous 5-10, 10-2, 2-0; Isaacson bt T.Carlson 12-5, 10-9; Terry bt P.Jones 10-3, 8-8.
Semifinals: D.Jones bt Love 9-4, 8-6; Terry bt Isaacson 12-4, 4-13, 2-0.
Final: Tony Terry (Hawkes Bay) bt David Jones (Bay of Plenty) 9-9, 8-7.
Tony Terry will play at NZ PBA Finals Weekend in Auckland Sep 11-13.

Ranking Singles:
1st round: Gavin Keighley bt Lisa Carlson 8-7, 7-3; Dean Drummond bt Sheryl Viggers 2-8, 10-4, 2-0; Richard Kupa bt Ian Mason by default; Les O’Donovan bt Bunny Kupa by default; Mike Isaacson bt Alex Jones 18-2, 4-9, 2-0; Merv Brown bt Kerrin Fair 12-2, 16-1.
2nd round: Drummond bt Keighley 12-3, 10-6; O’Donovan bt R.Kupa 11-3, 11-4; Isaacson bt Brown 8-6, 8-5; Paul Viggers bt Grant Sargison 10-7, 7-8, 2-0; David Jones bt Tony Terry 10-6, 5-4; Scotty McGavin bt Zemanel Rio da Silva 12-2, 11-3; Peter Jones bt Dave Porteous 9-3, 7-3; Shirley Poutu bt Tilly Carlson 6-8, 10-2, 2-0.
Quarterfinals: Drummond bt O’Donovan 7-7, 11-3; Isaacson bt Viggers 10-5, 6-11, 2-0; McGavin bt D.Jones 9-7, 4-11, 2-0; P.Jones bt Poutu 9-2, 11-6.
Semifinals: Isaacson bt Drummond 7-6, 7-5; McGavin bt P.Jones 8-7, 8-8.
Final: Mike Isaacson (Hawkes Bay) bt Scotty McGavin (Manawatu) 8-7, 6-7, 2-0.

Dunedin Bowls Stadium:
(Race position) Name v (Race position) Name [PBA Singles Career head-to-head]
World Indoor Singles Qualifier on Sun 23rd Aug:
Semifinal at 9am: (39)Ray Webster (Dunedin) v (33)Beth Brown (Dunedin).
Final at 12noon: (88)Sheldon Bagrie-Howley (Southland) v winner Webster [3-1 Bagrie-Howley]/Brown.
The winner will play at NZ PBA Finals Weekend in Auckland Sep 11-13.

1st Bedpost Ranking Singles on Sun 23rd Aug:
Semifinal at 10am: (47)Joko Susilo (Dunedin) v (21)Oliver Mason (Dunedin)
Final at 1pm: (10)Brian Harvey (Southland) v winner Susilo [1-1]/Mason.

2nd Bedpost Ranking Singles on Sun 23rd Aug:
Semifinal at 10am: (93)Mitch Cook (Dunedin) v (39)Paul Everett (Dunedin)
Final at 1pm: (20)Tom Taiaroa (Dunedin) v winner Cook/Everett.

World Indoor Pairs Qualifier on Sun 23rd Aug:
Final at 2pm: (189)Rob Fensom & (67)Jeff Nowell (Canterbury) v (31)Russell Dawe & (39)Ray Webster (Dunedin).
The winners will play at NZ PBA Finals Weekend in Auckland Sep 11-13.

NZ PBA Live Race Position:
(2019 rank)    2020 Race position Name             (Centre)         Points
(1)       1          Ray Martin                 (Wellington)              406
(27=)   2          Gavin Scrivener       (Whanganui)                        326
(104=) 3          Clare Hendra                        (Wellington)              312
(6)       4=        Chris Lourie              (Waikato)                   310
(8)       4=        Craig Merrilees         (Southland)               310
(5)       6          Richie Muir               (Central Otago)         308
(7)       7          Craig De Faria          (Taranaki)                  304
(27=)   8          David Jones              (Bay of Plenty)          300
(2)       9          Craig Tinker              (Southland)               296
(23=)   10        Brian Harvey             (Southland)               290
(84)     11        Kelvin Jackson         (Central Otago)         288
(40)     12        Mike Isaacson          (Hawkes Bay)           285
(20)     13        Brent McEwan          (Dunedin)                  283
(71)     14        Tony Terry                 (Hawkes Bay)           280
(11)     15        Alan Bowler              (Waikato)                   273
(31=)   16        Rob Ashton               (Wellington)              265
(10)     17        Lyall Spencer           (Southland)               256
(22)     18        Bart Robertson         (North Harbour)        253
(100=) 19        Tony Fabling                        (Waikato)                   251
(95)     20        Tom Taiaroa              (Dunedin)                  248
Notable others:
(new)  67        Jeff Nowell                (Canterbury)             160