Martin crowned PBA year end No.1

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Wellington’s Ray Martin was crowned the new New Zealand Professional Bowls Association number one after he and his partner Tim Toomey clinched the World Indoor Pairs playoffs in the last match of the NZ season. Martin needed to win the tournament after his rival Craig Tinker from Southland won NZ’s World Indoor Singles berth on Saturday. Tinker beat Martin in the singles quarterfinal and went on to beat Taranaki’s Ian Andrews in the final 10-8, 11-4, but Martin returned the favour a day later in the pairs quarterfinal and he and Toomey went all the way taking out Waikato locals Chris Lourie and Tony Fabling 6-4, 7-4 in the final.

Former number one Murray Glassey from Hawkes Bay completed his return to form finishing a clear third in the rankings winning the International Singles playoffs overcoming 23 year old Jesse Russell of Auckland 8-5, 5-9, 2-1. The wily Glassey had to fight hard in both his semifinal and final. Russell who lives in the Waikato but plays out of Auckland has received reward for two stand out years playing in the PBA by receiving an invitation to play in the World Indoor Under 25 Singles in Norfolk, England in January.

The Scottish Singles berth has been won by North Harbour’s Colin Rogan beating Hawkes Bay’s Tony Terry 9-6, 9-7 in the final. Rogan also won this event over a Hawkes Bay qualifier two years ago but at that stage was unable to travel for family reasons.

Martin and Tinker had already secured their places in the 2020 Scotty’s Meats PBA NZ team to play the Australian PBA before Finals Weekend. They were joined on Saturday by Glassey once he had won his quarterfinal. The fourth spot was not decided until the final match of the weekend with Dunedin’s Elliott Mason holding on to his ranking position while Central Otago’s Richie Muir will require either Tinker or Mason to be the top kiwi in the 2019 NZ v Australia challenge to participate.

Victoria’s Ray Martin, pictured her opposite Scotland’s Alex Marshall ,was in sublime form on the NZ PBA circuit this season, taking out year end number one in a thrilling race next to Southland’s Craig Tinker.

Each year the team is made up of the top four players from the previous year’s NZ rankings plus the top performed kiwi in the previous year’s Challenge. If that top kiwi has already qualified as a top four ranked player, the fifth on the rankings comes into the team. Lourie and Taranaki’s Craig De Faria both came within a game of altering the team makeup.

On Saturday morning Southland’s Craig Merrilees won the NZ Playoffs for the novelty Shanghai Singles winning flights and accommodation for two to the Gold Coast.

Results from this weekend’s New Zealand Professional Bowls Association Finals Weekend at the Frankton Railway Bowling Club, Hamilton

Shanghai Singles Qualifier
Final: Rob Ashton (Wellington) 31 bt Chris Lourie (Waikato) 22 and Linda Ralph (Auckland) 22
Rob Ashton qualified for NZ Playoffs on Saturday

Shanghai Singles NZ Playoffs
Semifinals: Dean Drummond (Hawkes Bay) 31 bt Frankie Lim (Counties) 18 and Marty Kreft (Dunedin) 7; Tony Fabling (Waikato) 31 bt Steve Liddington (Waikato) 27 and Ian Andrews (Taranaki) 19; Craig Merrilees (Southland) 31 bt Rob Ashton (Wellington) 23 and Ian Monaghan (Wairarapa) 23.
Final: Craig Merrilees (Southand) 31 bt Dean Drummond (Hawkes Bay) 13 and Tony Fabling (Waikato) 10.
Craig Merrilees wins travel and accommodation to the Gold Coast.

Scottish Singles NZ Playoffs
Quarterfinals: Craig De Faria (Taranaki) bt Elliott Mason (Dunedin) 6-6, 9-3; Alan Bowler (Waikato) bt David Jones (Bay of Plenty) 9-7, 1-14, 2-0; Tony Terry (Hawkes Bay) bt Craig Tinker (Southland) 13-9, 7-4.
Semifinals: Colin Rogan (North Harbour) bt De Faria 7-6, 8-8; Terry bt Bowler 9-3, 5-7, 2-0.
Final: Colin Rogan (North Harbour) bt Tony Terry (Hawkes Bay) 9-6, 9-7.
Colin Rogan will represent NZ PBA in Perth, Scotland November 2nd-8th.

International Singles NZ Playoffs

Quarterfinals: Jesse Russell (Auckland) bt Rob Ashton (Wellington) 12-0, 8-8; Murray Glassey (Hawkes Bay) bt Bruce Mummery (Taranaki) 10-9, 12-2; Richie Muir (Central Otago) bt Brent McEwan (Dunedin) 8-8, 14-1.
Semifinals: Russell bt Steve Cox (Auckland) 1-10, 10-2, 2-1; Glassey bt Muir 6-9, 8-5, 2-1.
Final: Murray Glassey (Hawkes Bay) bt Jesse Russell (Auckland) 8-5, 5-9, 2-1.
Murray Glassey will represent NZ PBA in Blackpool, England in March.

World Indoor Singles NZ Playoffs
Quarterfinals: Ian Andrews (Taranaki) bt Brian Harvey (Southland) 8-9, 8-7, 2-1; Craig Tinker (Southland) bt Ray Martin (Wellington) 9-6, 9-7; Bart Robertson (North Harbour) bt Alan Bowler (Waikato) 10-9, 6-4.
Semifinals: Andrews bt David Jones (Bay of Plenty) 11-2, 7-8, 2-1; Tinker bt Robertson 4-9, 8-6, 2-1.
Final: Craig Tinker (Southland) bt Ian Andrews (Taranaki) 10-8, 11-4.
Craig Tinker will represent NZ PBA in Norfolk, England 10th-26th January.

World Indoor Pairs NZ Playoffs
Quarterfinals: Ray Martin & Tim Toomey (Wellington) bt Lyall Spencer & Craig Tinker (Southland) 6-5, 7-6; Tony Terry & Mike Isaacson (Hawkes Bay) bt Brian Harvey (Southland) & Graeme Hislop (Dunedin) 8-2, 7-7; Chris Lourie & Tony Fabling (Waikato) bt Bart Robertson (North Harbour) & Dennis Brewster (Northland) 11-4, 9-4.
Semifinals: Martin & Toomey bt Craig De Faria & Steve Walker (Taranaki) 6-6, 8-3; Lourie & Fabling bt Terry & Isaacson 9-3, 8-9, 2-0.
Final: Ray Martin & Tim Toomey (Wellington) bt Chris Lourie & Tony Fabling (Waikato) 6-4, 7-4.

Ray Martin and Tim Toomey will represent NZ PBA in Norfolk, England 10th-26th January.