Blackjacks women take first Trans Tasman test

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Katelyn Inch, skip of the New Zealand women’s triple and four

The women’s Blackjacks have led the way in the first Trans Tasman test at Club Helensvale on the Gold Coast.

Jo Edwards, Katelyn Inch, Val Smith, Selina Goddard and Tayla Bruce have bounced back from narrowly losing the opening two matches in the first session, to sweep Australia in the next two and win the first test 4-2.

Inch skipped the women’s four to a dramatic 15-14 win, before guiding the women’s triple to a 16-15 victory.

“We came out today firing,” Inch said.

“Obviously dropping our first two close ones that was tough, but we came back even stronger.

“All the girls pulled their weight and played exceptionally well today.”

It was just the second time Inch had skipped the four, having switched positions with Smith for the Multi Nations bronze medal match, which New Zealand won.

“The girls up front are playing amazing. They’re supporting me so well and I’m able to play my natural game, my attacking game which is exciting and taking it to the Australian team.

“Just really, really pleased to see how the team is gelling. We’re flowing so well together. If we can keep it up tomorrow that’d be amazing.”

Jo Edwards also won back-to-back matches in the first Trans Tasman test, beating Chloe Stewart 21-13 in the women’s singles before teaming up with Bruce to skip an 18-12 victory in the women’s pairs.

The Blackjacks men have lost the first test 4-2, splitting the pairs and triples, but losing both the fours and singles.

Ali Forsyth (skip), Andrew Kelly and Chris Le Lievre overturned a eight-nil deficit to win 19-13 in their first triples match, but lost the second 18-13.

Gary Lawson (skip) and Jamie Hill did the opposite, dropping the first men’s pairs match 17-11, but winning the second 17-16.

Kelly went down 21-19 to Aaron Wilson in the men’s singles in the middle session, while the men’s four’s losing run continued with a 20-10 defeat.

The women’s development and over-60 sides both narrowly went down to their Australian opposition three-and-a-half to two-and-a-half, while the men’s development and over-60s sides were outclassed 5-1 in both contests.

The Blackjacks, development sides and over-60s will be back in action tomorrow (Tuesday, November 26) in the second Trans Tasman test at Musgrave Hill Bowls Club.

First Trans Tasman test results:

Open women: pairs – Jo Edwards (skip) & Tayla Bruce lost 13-14 to Kelsey Cottrell (skip) & Chloe Stewart, triples – Katelyn Inch (skip), Val Smith & Selina Goddard lost 11-16 to Bec Van Asch (skip), Natasha Scott & Lynsey Clarke, singles – Jo Edwards beat Chloe Stewart 21-13, fours – Katelyn Inch (skip), Val Smith, Selina Goddard & Tayla Bruce beat Natasha Scott (skip), Bec Van Asch, Lynsey Clarke & Kelsey Cottrell 15-14, pairs – Jo Edwards (skip) & Tayla Bruce beat Kelsey Cottrell (skip) & Chloe Stewart 18-12 and triples – Katelyn Inch (skip), Val Smith & Selina Goddard beat Bec Van Asch (skip), Natasha Scott & Lynsey Clarke 16-15. NZ won 4-2

Open men: pairs – Gary Lawson (skip) & Jamie Hill lost 11-17 to Aaron Wilson (skip) & Aaron Teys, triples – Ali Forsyth (skip), Andrew Kelly & Chris Le Lievre beat Aron Sherriff (skip), Corey Wedlock & Barrie Lester 19-13, singles – Andrew Kelly lost 19-21 to Aaron Wilson, fours – Gary Lawson (skip), Ali Forsyth, Jamie Hill & Chris Le Lievre lost 10-20 to Aron Sherriff (skip), Aaron Teys, Corey Wedlock & Barrie Lester, pairs – Gary Lawson (skip) & Jamie Hill beat Aaron Wilson (skip) & Aaron Teys 17-16 and triples – Ali Forsyth (skip), Andrew Kelly & Chris Le Lievre lost 13-18 to Aron Sherriff (skip), Corey Wedlock & Barrie Lester. AUS won 4-2

Development women: AUS won 3 ½-2 ½

Development men: AUS won 5-1

Over-60s women: AUS won 3 ½-2 ½

Over-60s men: AUS won 5-1