Blackjacks women relinquish Trans Tasman trophy

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The Blackjacks, development and over-60 teams meet following the Trans Tasman series defeat

The Australian women have crashed Val Smith’s 600th game celebrations in the third and final Trans Tasman test at the Broadbeach Bowls Club on the Gold Coast.

Australia’s won the final two matches of the series to draw level with the Blackjacks women on three wins a piece and for the second straight test prevail on shot differential to reclaim the Trans Tasman trophy.

Smith had earlier helped give New Zealand a 3-1 lead in the deciding women’s test.

She was part of the triple which beat Australia 17-16 in the opening session and then capped her 600th game by helping guide the four to an 18-11 win.

But there was no trophy to go with the milestone for Smith as the triple lost 21-12 in the final round to seal the women’s team’s fate.

“At the end of the day Australia were just too good,” Blackjacks head coach Peter Belliss said.

“Look Australia is the leading nation in the world and we’ve given them a little hurry up, especially the women.

“The women’s series was tight all the way through. We could have easily won the series yesterday (Tuesday) and just failed.

“There’s nothing between the two sides there so we can go with some confidence with whoever we select for the world championships that our ladies have got a real chance.”

The Blackjacks men also finished level on wins with the Australian Jackaroos in the third test, but lost on shot differential to be on a wrong end of a three-nil series sweep.

After heavy losses in the pairs and triples was followed by Jamie Hill narrowly going down in the singles, the men convincingly won the fours and then won the return pairs and triples encounters.

Despite the series defeat, Belliss is far from disheartened about the men’s hopes six months out from the world championships on the Gold Coast.

“The men well you know Shannon McIlroy wasn’t in the side,” he said.

“Not taking anything away from the other players we had in but he would have strengthened things a little bit so we’re not too far away there.”

Australia flexed their muscle in the final development and over-60s tests, winning all but three matches.

The women’s development team was swept six-nil, as were the over-60 men, while the men’s development fell to a 4-2 defeat and the over-60 women were beaten 5-1.

Australia won all six series trophies.

The next Trans Tasman is in early February and will also be held on the Gold Coast.

Third Trans Tasman test results:

Open women: pairs – Jo Edwards (skip) & Tayla Bruce beat Kelsey Cottrell (skip) & Chloe Stewart 19-16, triples – Katelyn Inch (skip), Val Smith & Selina Goddard beat Natasha Scott (skip), Bec Van Asch & Lynsey Clarke 17-16, singles – Jo Edwards lost 18-21 to Kelsey Cottrell, fours – Katelyn Inch (skip), Val Smith, Selina Goddard & Tayla Bruce beat Natasha Scott (skip), Bec Van Asch, Lynsey Clarke & Kelsey Cottrell 13-8, pairs – Jo Edwards (skip) & Tayla Bruce lost 9-12 to Bec Van Asch (skip) & Lynsey Clarke and triples – Katelyn Inch (skip), Val Smith & Selina Goddard lost 12-21 to Natasha Scott (skip), Kelsey Cottrell & Chloe Stewart. AUS won 3-3 (94-88 shot differential)

Open men: pairs – Gary Lawson (skip) & Chris Le Lievre lost 10-20 to Aaron Wilson (skip) & Corey Wedlock triples – Ali Forsyth (skip), Andrew Kelly & Jamie Hill lost 12-22 to Aron Sherriff (skip) Aaron Teys, & Barrie Lester, singles – Jamie Hill lost 16-21 to Aaron Wilson, fours – Ali Forsyth (skip), Gary Lawson, Andrew Kelly & Chris Le Lievre beat Aron Sherriff (skip), Aaron Teys, Corey Wedlock & Barrie Lester 18-11, pairs – Gary Lawson (skip) & Chris Le Lievre beat Aaron Wilson (skip) & Corey Wedlock 17-14 and triples – Ali Forsyth (skip), Andrew Kelly & Jamie Hill beat Aron Sherriff (skip), Aaron Teys & Barrie Lester 24-17. AUS won 3-3 (105-97 shot differential)

Development women: AUS won 6-0

Development men: AUS won 4-2

Over-60s women: AUS won 5-1

Over-60s men: AUS won 6-0