Cust Bowling Club’s “can-do” attitude

If you drive around 17kms due west from Rangiora, in North Canterbury, you will find yourself in the cute little village of Cust. Population is around 420 and the local bowling club has a current membership of 24. They only have a small green there which is five rinks wide. What they lack in numbers, they make up for with bucket loads of positive attitude and effort that you find in country clubs!

Have a look at these two photos. The first one at the top of this post was taken five years ago. What on earth are they doing you may ask? They had taken the top off their green, but the machine had not been adequately cleaned between jobs so grass got scattered everywhere. They could have attacked it with a nasty weedkiller but instead decided to get on their hands and knees and dig out every piece they could find! Any long pieces of grass were hand painted with Roundup using a child’s paint brush! You do have to love the “Can Do” attitude of these Cust members.