Entering the Digital Age

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Recording membership and casual visitor data has just become easier than ever, with a simple pre-programmed tablet available to all clubs nationwide.

In a nationwide initiative, Bowls New Zealand are rolling out smart tablets in a bid to help clubs better communicate with occasional attendees and potentially interested community groups, providing a digital platform to secure and capture key information.

The concept is simple. At no cost, one tablet is available for clubs wishing to take part in this programme. The tablet provides a digital method to capture membership details ranging from name, address, email and phone number.

For the casual bowler, a sign-in involving their name and email address are the only things required – therefore creating a simple sign-in with maximum effect.

Bowls New Zealand North Community Development Officer Martin McKenzie, responsible for the overall concept, says initial response had been “very positive”, and expected interest to grow substantially in the coming months.

“It’s a nice simple idea that has so many great benefits associated. Membership information and casual data is all required detail for areas like liquor licencing, health and safety and club funding – therefore it makes sense to provide an easy-to-use method to help capture this information.

“I must stress though, as good as this tablet is, it certainly doesn’t solve all liquor licensing problems and obligations for clubs, but it is definitely of assistance in that area,” he said.

The tablet has the ability to connect to the wireless internet, meaning the input data can regularly be backed up into a cloud server.

“Essentially, we’re looking at having a system where clubs can get in touch with us and advise us of a tournament or open day that they want communicated – and through that database, we’ll be able to work with the club to help send something to their members.” McKenzie said.

“Clubs will be able to request information from the cloud and, all their information will be made available to them to allow them to carry out their own purposes.

“Many bowls clubs are pen and paper in a world that is full steam ahead turning digital. We are putting a system together that will help the clubs, in their current operational capacity, move with the digital age.”

Funding and support for the tablets has been put forward by various charitable grants and Bowls New Zealand sponsor Summerset Retirement Villages.

*Any clubs wanting to secure their own tablet should contact their regional Community Development Officer and express their interest.