Chris Lander & Greame Scott-A conversation about liquor licensing and Bowling Clubs

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In this video Chris and Greame discuss the relationship between Bowling Clubs and liquor licensing laws; with Chris posing some frequently asked questions to Greame.

Greame is a liqour licensing consultant and has been providing sound advice for decades.

He is also the current President of Auckland Bowls.

Greame Scott contact details:
Alcohol Licensing Limited

Other websites mentioned in this video are:

Health Promotion Agency, alcohol and clubs toolkit

ServeWise e-Learning tool

Questions and timings:

12.17 What are the rules regarding using alcohol as raffle prizes or tournament prizes?

13.34 Do members working voluntarily as barpersons have to be licensed, and what are their responsibilities?

16.17 Is it compulsory to have at least one licensed bar manager and what are his/her responsibilities?

18.16 What are the rules around happy hours?

19.26 Is it legal to hire out the club for a function and take each person’s details by signing them in as a guest for the evening, rather than taking out a special license?

22.58 What is the licensing situation for a Bowling Club connected as an adjunct to a chartered club where it operates a bar on the license of the parent club, but does not have any licensed manager within it's membership?

23.58 From mid-December to Mid-January a number of councils seem to close their offices for special license requests, is this unique or standard council behaviour?

28.26 A club member may bring a non club member into the club as a 'guest' for a drink. Is there a limit to the number of guests a member can bring?

30.13 When is a club not required to get council consent? 

31.25 Is a volunteer working behind the bar consuming alcohol in breach of the act?

33.31 When does accepting social members for a particular function become a farce, or is there an acceptable process to follow?

34.20 Is a special licence needed for an outside group using the club for a bowling event?

34.59 Can you make outsiders members for a day charging them one dollar each?

35.20 What do we need to do, to be able to use a license/permit, so that we can sell alcohol to members?