Celebrations at Kaiapoi Club Bowling Club

Celebrations were the order of the day at the Kaiapoi Club Bowling Club over the weekend.

It all started on Saturday when a large crowd of members gathered to celebrate fifty years of continuous membership by Jack Becks. Jack had actually started playing bowls 54 years ago. Starting playing at the age of 29, he was a member of the Kaiapoi Club Bowling Club before he left for two years to play at the Kaiapoi Riverside Club. After those two years away, he came back to his present club where he has enjoyed fifty years membership since his return. As part of a fun afternoon, President Alan Gill presented Jack with a commemorative trophy and his wife, Mignonne with a large bunch of flowers.

The weekend celebrations did not end there for the Becks family however. While this was all happening at Kaiapoi, over at Burnside, Kerry and Mignonne’s son, Kerry was teaming up with his longstanding mate, Paddy Stewart taking on all comers at the prestigious Burnside Pairs. By the end of the weekend the Becks family had another reason to celebrate as Kerry and Paddy went on to win this event.

Congratulations to the Becks family (and Paddy, of course) on what was a hugely memorable weekend.

Paddy Stewart and Kerry Becks - winners of the 2024 Burnside Pairs