Approved Footwear

Bowls New Zealand are concerned with the increasingly relaxed standards for production and sale of footwear for use on New Zealand lawn bowling greens.  We do not seek to discourage any existing shoe manufacturer or supplier.  However, there are a small number of shoes currently on the market which will/do cause damage to bowling greens.  Bowls New Zealand (and the NOC), by virtue of the ‘Laws of the Sport of Bowls – Crystal Mark Third Edition’ are charged with the approval of footwear in relation to ‘colours and types of sole’.

For this reason, the list below is a definitive list of the shoes currently approved for use in New Zealand for the sport of lawn bowls. This list is current as at August, 2018, and is updated whenever new footwear is approved.

Approved shoes:

Brands listed in alphabetical order.

•    Gel Hotjack
•    Gel Hotkitty
•    Gel Rink Scorcher
•    Gel Shepparton

Avalon by Wicklow bowls:
•    Alpha
•    Beta

•    Saturn Men’s and Women’s
•    Reactive Men’s and Women’s
•    Phoenix Velcro Men’s
•    Elegance Velcro Women’s
•    Eclipse Men’s
•    Achieva Men’s
•    Whiteline Men’s and Women’s
•    Champion Women’s
•    Hurricane (Aero)
•    Flex (Aero) 
•    Sprint Men’s and Women’s (Aero)
•    Nirvana Men’s and Women’s (Aero)

•   Jack Hi

Drakes Pride:
•   Cosmic Bowling Shoe 
•   Nova shoe
•   Solar shoe

•   Greenmaster Combat Shoe

•    MPS30  Men’s Pro Sport Shoe
•    Seneca Men’s Centurion
•    Pro Sport Velcro Wraparound
•    Ladies Sport Shoe LPS25
•    Cathy Original LPS15
•    Pearl Ladies Sandal
•    Seneca Ladies ISIS
•    Male Seneca Shoe
•    Ladies Seneca
•    Men’s Pro Sport Shoe
•    MPS32 Men’s Pro Sport Shoe
•    LPS26 Ladies Pro Sport Shoe
•    Ladies Sports Shoe LPS 40
•    Men’s Sports Shoe MPS 40
•    Ladies LPS44
•    Men MPS 44
•    MPS42
•    MPS34
•    MPS34 Casual
•    LPS42
•    Pro Sport 52

•    Greenz Camille White
•    Greenz Camille Navy
•    Greenz Kitty
•    Greenz Lady Reflex
•    Greenz Mia
•    Greenz Vicki
•    Hunter Lady Slicks
•    Hunter NT Trad Lace
•    Hunter NT Trad Velcro
•    Hunter Yarra
•    Greenz Bias White
•    Greenz Bias Brown
•    Greenz Mens Reflex White 
•    Greenz Mens Reflex Brown
•    Greenz Modz Bowler
•    Hunter Bondi Lace
•    Hunter Bondi Velcro
•    Hunter Mens Slicks
•    Hunter Pro Lace
•    Hunter Pro Velcro
•    Greenz Catz
•    Greenz Miss Kool
•    Greenz Petal
•    Greenz Shez
•    Hunter Katie

•    OOahh Slides
•    OOriginal Thong
•    OOmg Shoes
•    OOlala Sandal and Slide
•    OOcloog Clog

•    Taylor Trainer shoe
•    Taylor Trainer Ladies
•    Taylor Elite

Wilmont Shoes:
•    CC Resorts Bowls Shoe  

The Warehouse:
•    Quincy (Code: 999999116561S16)

Approvals will be based on (but not limited to):
•    Contour of the sole
•    One piece sole
•    Channel depth
•    No raised heel
•    No attached heel
•    Rounded edges
•    Indented non-slip sole
•    No excessively pronounced ripples/obstructions

If any manufacturer or bowler believes their shoe should be on the approved shoe list, contact Helen Stallard on +64 (09) 579 5853 or email: