2024 West Coast Men’s Open

L>R: Ethan Kelleher, Hamish Kelleher, Nigeal Kelleher, Dwayne Todd

The 110th West Coast Open Fours attracted 26 teams from across the country, with participants journeying from as far as Auckland to Clyde. The Kelleher Team secured their second consecutive West Coast Open title in a thrilling finish.

Although facing some challenges during the qualifying rounds, the team comprising Dwayne Todd, Nigeal Kelleher, and brothers Ethan and Hamish, managed to advance to the Top 8 on the final day. Their journey continued with dominant performances, culminating in a final showdown against the formidable Adrian Robins-led team. This marked the third time these two teams had met in the final over the past decade of the tournament.

With Adrian Robins, a member of the winning 2023 Summerset National Fours team, and Ethan and Hamish Kelleher, the runners-up of the 2024 Summerset National Pairs, the final promised a display of top-tier skill. In a dramatic conclusion, Skip Hamish Kelleher delivered a crucial shot with the last bowl, forcing an extra end, and then repeated the feat to clinch the tournament victory.

Following the intense match, Hamish expressed his elation at the hard-fought win, albeit feeling exhausted after a demanding game and a scorching weekend. The team eagerly anticipated celebrating with a few drinks at the Cobden Bowling Club, followed by extending their gratitude to their main sponsor, The Recreation Hotel.