Nationals to be seen, heard and read more than ever before

- Rob Davis

This year’s BLK National Open Championships in Dunedin starting on 29th December will see more journalists and correspondents covering the tournament than ever before.

Kevin Hickland returns to the radio microphone, and the ‘Voice of Bowls’ will be providing radio stations throughout New Zealand with daily snippets from the tournament as it hots up.  Kevin will be based at Taieri Bowling Club, the headquarters of the tournament, but also roaming the other venues with his mike at the ready.

Grant Hassall will be making sure that the press gets the full story from the tournament.   And at the business end of the knockout stages, providing daily reports to newspapers around the country.

Perennial bowls correspondent Sam Morton will be back to provide daily bread-and-butter coverage of the tournament, and will be posting reports on the Bowls New Zealand website every day right from the start of the tournament.

Helen Stallard from Bowls New Zealand will be in the hot seat, collating and posting the results of the tournament as soon as they reach her keyboard.  These will be available on-the-go at  Her sidekick from Bowls New Zealand, Tamara Maher, will be ensuring that highlight results are posted to the Bowls Facebook page

Roving correspondents will also be out and about around the venues, looking for stories of triumph and woe to complement the coverage.

“This year’s tournament is not just about making sure the story of bowls gets in the local papers or radio stations,” says Mark Cameron, CEO of Bowls New Zealand. “But constantly feeding our own media channels, particularly website and Facebook, so that the bowls community can immerse themselves in the tournament whether they’re in Dunedin or not.”

“We’ll be putting our digital toe in the water with audio feeds, video feeds, Facebook live and more.  There’s no doubt that an older bowls community is getting just about as keen on their digital and social media diet as young millennials.”