Yvonne Green : Bowls Newby

- Rob Davis
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After spending the last 20 years promoting the game of bowls, Yvonne Green played the game for the first time this season.  And she and a couple of girlfriends have become bowls converts playing out of the Kohimarama Bowls Club in the eastern bays of Auckland.

Three daughters and six grandchildren keep Yvonne out of trouble

Before retiring a few years ago, Yvonne was a National Sales Manager in the retirement village industry.  She’s sung the praises of the lawn bowls facilities in her villages to hundreds of couples contemplating a retirement village lifestyle.  And her sales pat has invariably included the village’s proximity to the local bowling club.  In fact, Yvonne has probably settled more bowlers in to new homes than anyone else in Auckland.

Yvonne has now discovered what all the fuss was about.  And has become as keen about bowls as those she used to win over.

Kohi Bowling Club : An enclave of friendlies in the eastern bays of Auckland

“It’s been so easy to take up the game,” says Yvonne.  “The people at Kohi are so friendly.  We can have a roll-up, enjoy a wine with our fish’n chips from across the road, and no one gets grumpy about the wrong bias’s I’ve thrown down – it’s only cost me a dollar.”

Yvonne hasn’t taken up bowls because she’s been at a loose end.  With six grandkids, weekly golf, weekly bridge, weekly walking group, weekly coffee group, concert and opera-going, and more friends than a lotto winner, Yvonne has simply squeezed bowls into her busy schedule.  “I can do that,” says the ebullient Yvonne, “because I don’t take things too seriously.  I just love the social aspect of doing what I do.”

Having said that, Yvonne has been getting coaching at Kohi, and now the winter season is upon us, coaching at Epsom.  “I want to be able to bowl well enough to play in tournaments, and not let the team down.”  But she wont be eating and sleeping bowls - life has too many things to offer.

The Kohi Club committee will be more than happy about that.  What’s the old saying? ‘If you want something done, ask a busy person.’!