Australian Police Bowls Association visits

- Garrick Hamlyn
Club News

Last week, Bowls Mount Maunganui hosted a visit from members of the Australian Police Bowls Association, - both men and women, some retired and some serving Police. 

Aussies rolling up on the greens of Bowls Mount Maunganui

The group of 23 players and 18 supporters were not a 'selected' team, but friends who like to travel and enjoy a game of bowls while sightseeing and touring. 

And they've done a lot of that!

Since 2008, they've bowled in Hong Kong, England, Canada, Cyprus, USA - and now New Zealand.  Their New Zealand itinerary includes games in Auckland, Mount Maunganui, Taupo, Napier and Wellington.

The group enjoyed a light lunch before getting on with the serious business of bowls in the afternoon. Bowls Mount Maunganui added 4 players to the 23 of the touring group and 9 games of 2 bowls triples were played over 21 ends.  It was a serious, yet fun-filled afternoon with the visitors emerging the winners by 5 games to 4.

At the conclusion of play, the club put on a BBQ, and the visiting players were presented with mementos of the occasion, as well as a special gift for the winning visiting team with the largest differential.  The visitors in turn presented Bowl Mount Maunganui with a wall plaque commemorating the visit.

For two groups who had not met each other before, the camaraderie was tremendous. And there is no doubt that the game of bowls has once again helped to forge new friendships.